Art Anthology Paste Wax

Our wax paste can be used on a variety of surfaces and materials, from metal, paper and wood to gourds and beads.

Dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and fully dries in 12 hours to a durable hard wax finish with no tacky residue.

Apply with your finger, brush, sponge, or use your tool of choice to create your own finish or texture.

By adding traditional paint thinner you can transform Gilders Paste into a cream, paint, stain, or wash all with one product.  You have total control on how thick or thin you need this colorful medium. 

If dried out, the Wax Paste can be rejuvenated by rubbing with a bit of water or by mixing in a few drops of paint thinner.  No waste and years of shelf life.

Art Anthology Paste Wax

Foundry Bronze is a brownish-bronze metallic gold with a shade more than our Bronze
German Silver is more silver than gold. It is a great all-around color for that pop of color or as a highlight without being overbearing. As a warmer alternative to...
Black is on the cool side, perfect for shading our colors to make your own hues
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Antique Gold is a deep, rich metallic gold with red undertones. This color provides a deep, antique look and feel.   
Copper is an aged, metallic dark brown sheen patina. It is a nice, rich metallic brown with a flair of shimmer.
Silver is a metallic silver/pewter tone.
Bronze is a metallic bronze with light yellow undertones. It is almost a white gold with big metallic flakes for a little extra shine.